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150 Outdoor Activities to do at The Lake

150 Three Lakes Things – Summer Edition

  1. Make a ladder toss game
  2. Go kayaking on a warm relaxing summer evening
  3. Berry picking with the family
  4. Go roller-skating
  5. Grab a book, and float on the water for the day
  6. Roasting marshmallows over the camp fire
  7. Have a picnic in the park
  8. Go on an evening walk
  9. Go bird watching. Don’t forget to bring a camera.
  10. Explore the Flintstone rocks
  11. Paint your own rocks
  12. Enjoy a day on the boat
  13. Make some bannok
  14. Go to the beach
  15. Enjoy a bike ride
  16. Try the ‘Old MacDonald Burger’ at Marthas
  17. Go fly a kite.
  18. Go swimming in the rain
  19. Read a good book in a hammock.
  20. Go on a nature hike on Bethany Pioneer Trails or Prairie Skies Trails
  21. Throw a ball around
  22. Build a sand castle
  23. Have a water balloon fight.
  24. Play a board game
  25. Take photos of the beautiful Saskatchewan nature, and turn it into a photo collage.
  26. Simply read a book, and enjoy yourself.
  27. Go tubing
  28. Have a BBQ.
  29. Wake up early and watch the sunrise.
  30. Make some homemade ice cream.
  31. Try out a Sea-doo
  32. Stargaze
  33. Have a water gun fight
  34. Go Canoeing
  35. Play Frisbee at the park.
  36. Paint a picture
  37. Have a late-night swim
  38. Play a card game
  39. Bake a loaf of homemade bread
  40. Meet your neighbors
  41. Organize a walking tour
  42. Practice yoga – or try it for the first time
  43. Go for a boat ride
  44. Start a natural collection or an observation notebook
  45. Have a yard sale
  46. Do some puzzles
  47. Visit Lucien Lake Regional Park
  48. Go explore the old railroad tracks
  49. Blow bubbles
  50. Enjoy your evening at the playground
  51. Cast your line into the lake
  52. Go knee-boarding
  53. Make Hawaiian Pizza for dinner
  54. Watch the sunset
  55. Watch your kids dig for coins at Sports Day.
  56. Skip stones on the lake
  57. Make some lemon lime slushies
  58. Enjoy a board game marathon on your backyard picnic table or on your back porch.
  59. Have a scavenger hunt.
  60. Make jewelry.
  61. Have fireworks
  62. Play mini-golf
  63. Make a Saskatoon berry pie
  64. Find at least 5 of the Elevator monuments
  65. Enjoy watching a ball game at Lucien Lake Regional Park
  66. Try knee boarding
  67. Have a fish fry
  68. Make some s’mores on a warm summer night
  69. Cook up some pizza bush pies
  70. Walk your dog
  71. Visit Tree House Treasures
  72. Fetch some fly balls at Sports Day
  73. Measure the growth in the Pilger Pumpkin Patch
  74. Go Wake Boarding
  75. Make Banana Boats over the fire
  76. Get your sweat on at either of the two gyms
  77. Swing your way across the monkey bars
  78. Volunteer your time at Bethany Pioneer Village
  79. Jump across the tires at Lucien Lake Regional Park
  80. Enjoy the view at Prairies Edge Park’s Look-Out
  81. Pick some Haskap’s at Prairie Skies Trails
  82. Take out a book from Pilger Library
  83. Go to the Pumpkin Festival
  84. Enter a softball team for Sports Day
  85. Get some cookie dough ice cream from Stormy’s concession
  86. Go geocaching
  87. Watch a Roughrider game
  88. Go for a refreshing swim on a hot day
  89. Duck for cover at Oddball Paintball
  90. Try Pilger Taverns famous ‘Gruffalo’ wings
  91. Visit Cedar Ridge Greenhouse and plan your garden
  92. Watch the fireflies
  93. Hangout with some seniors at Bethany Pioneer Village
  94. Hike the Verndale Hills
  95. Dive off the diving board
  96. Get a history lesson from Dr. Kondzielewski
  97. Go water-skiing
  98. Toss a football
  99. Go snorkeling
  100. Count the cairns
  101. Have a bonfire
  102. See the tiny Fire Hall in St. Benedict
  103. Float in the waves
  104. Read a book to a senior at Bethany Pioneer Village
  105. Go summer bowling at the Middle Lake Bowling alley
  106. Fish at the Rainbow Trout Pond
  107. Plant a herb garden
  108. Experiment in smoothie making
  109. Capture a sunset
  110. Listen to the frogs croak
  111. Sun bathe
  112. Learn a new hobby
  113. Go to Three Lakes 4-H Achievement Day
  114. Participate in Prairie Edge Developments Find Me Friday on Facebook
  115. Listen to some music
  116. Toss around a beach ball
  117. Visit the Canada Day Cabaret
  118. Walk around the lake
  119. Make popcorn and watch a movie
  120. Drive around the cabins
  121. Practice your back float
  122. Walk barefoot in the sand
  123. Experiment with different ice tea flavors
  124. Smell the lilacs
  125. Go to Bethany Days
  126. Kick around a soccer ball
  127. Climb a tree
  128. Learn a new card game
  129. Roast hot dogs
  130. Have a family barbeque
  131. Play some beach volleyball
  132. Have rubber duck races
  133. Bury your legs in the sand – make a mermaid tail
  134. Go paddle boating
  135. Play horseshoes
  136. Lawn bowl
  137. Find the piping plover
  138. Make a faerie garden
  139. Float around on your pool noodle
  140. Play a game of tag
  141. Learn a magic trick
  142. Catch and release butterflies
  143. Roll down a hill
  144. Find coins with a metal detector
  145. Join coffee row
  146. Learn a card trick
  147. Shoot some hoops
  148. Find the oldest person in the cemetery
  149. Go pick wildflowers
  150. Come back and enjoy Three Lakes Living!