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About Prairie’s Edge

Corporate Philosophy

A family run company, Prairie’s Edge Development Corporation stays motivated by property projects that provide intimate and unique environments to share quality time with loved ones and friends.

Prairie’s Edge Developments

Having a private family oasis to escape the bustle of daily life shouldn’t be viewed as a luxury for the few.  Prairie’s Edge Developments wants to make lakeside property ownership an exciting, valuable, and an affordable reality for you! We have lake properties for sale within a variety of budgets and needs, whether you are looking to make a Prairie’s Edge property a year-round home or weekend getaway.  With a short drive to all amenities, Prairie’s Edge Developments allows you the luxury of both worlds. Each lake property is unique, abound with natural beauty and a variety of four-season recreational opportunities in this aspen parkland lake region.

Prairie’s Edge Mission

“Prairie’s Edge Development Corporation – Balancing Conservation, Recreation and Growth Today with Tomorrow in Mind.”

Why Choose Water’s Edge Lakefront Lots for Your Home?

Quality, Commitment, and Exceeding Expectations: The three tenants that have guided our lakeside property development company towards success hold firm today. An investment in Water’s Edge Developments will be enjoyed as a holiday oasis that appreciates in value over time. An escape from the everyday, your lake property is removed from the stresses of urban life, but is located close enough to home to make weekend getaways a welcoming possibility.

Quality – Lakefront Property Realized at Lucien Lake

The leaders at Prairie’s Edge Developments recognize that your investment in lakefront or lakeside property must be matched with the level of quality you deserve. We want to provide you with an opportunity that will appreciate in value as years go by, assuring your confidence in your investment. Saskatchewan is quickly becoming the target leisure escape for thousands of urban dwellers and lakeside home owners alike. Prairie’s Edge keeps its lakeside building environmentally conscientious, ensuring gorgeous natural views that keep Saskatchewan’s original habitats intact. Simple pleasures like sipping a quiet coffee while overlooking the lake, spending time with loved ones, or taking in leisurely outdoor adventures with friends, can all be realized at your Prairie’s Edge lakeside property. Mindful use of natural landscapes, attention to detail, and commitment to providing the highest quality properties for your investment dollar are of utmost importance for the family of Prairie’s Edge.

Commitment – Protecting Your Investment

Carving out unique subdivisions that combine affordability and accessibility has been the cornerstone of Prairie’s Edge Development Corporation. As a family run company, Prairie’s Edge refuses to cut corners on value for our customers, as we recognize the significance of every investment made by families just like ours. We are mindful of the local and natural environment, in appreciation for what it has granted us in our enterprise over the years. There’s room to stretch on your dream home property with Prairie’s Edge Development Corporation. We’ve done the homework to assure adherence to municipal and development specific building codes and regulations, keeping your investment protected today and into the future.

Exceeding Expectations – Cottage Magazine Says Lucien Lake is One of the Best Real Estate Values

Imagine enjoying years of leisurely escape time with your loved ones, or making a picturesque lakeside property your year-round home, assured of the appreciating value of your investment over time. With this kind of confidence, why wait to build your dream home? As Saskatchewan quickly becomes one of North America’s hottest real estate markets, no time has been better to harness the luxury a Prairie’s Edge property can grant you. Saskatchewan has long been a beautiful haven of natural serenity: own a piece of this enchanting landscape today with a Prairie’s Edge lakeside property. Our clients respond with wonderment at the variety of activities and landscapes that Saskatchewan offers. With enchanting lakefront views whispering at your front door, golden autumn colours, and the magic of winter frost and northern lights, the environment is nothing short of inspiring. There is no shortage of fun to be had with Lucien lake only steps away from your home. Fishing, swimming, boating, snowmobiling, and golfing is yours to experience at Water’s Edge.

Prairie’s Edge Developments – “Lake Life Is Within Your Reach”

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