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Central Park and Playground

Located centrally in our development, Prairie’s Edge Park and Playground is a wonderful place for lot owners and their families to utilize. With a large play structure, a number of swings, a lookout point over the beautiful lake, and picnic tables surrounded by soft sand, our park is the perfect place to spend your day.

Prairie's Edge playground at lucien lake, one of many of Prairie's Edge amenities.
Lakeside playground at Lucien lake

New West Shore Beach

Developed in the fall of 2020, our new west shore beach offers easy access to the water on the west side of Lucien Lake. Located at our central park and playground, the beach offers great opportunity to enjoy the water right in the heart of Prairie’s Edge.

Prairie's Edge West Shore Beach with the playground in the background, taken at golden our with lush green trees and calm water, one of many amenities at Prairie's edge.
New West Short Beach

Walking Trails – Prairie Sky Trails Association

Expansive trails for hikers, bikers, cross country skiers, snowshoers, and those simply wishing to reconnect with nature. Over 60,000 trees have been planted to date in and around our development, shaping our beautifully designed walking trails. The trails are over 2,000 meters long and guide visitors over rolling hills, past wetland areas, and adjacent to Lucien Lake. Starting at one end of our development and running all the way through, our trails give lot owners the opportunity to appreciate all nature has to offer.

Prairie's Edge walkng trails, lined by lush green greens and blue skies, one of many amenities at Prairie's edge
A Prairie’s Edge walking trail.

Little Free Library

Located at Prairie’s Edge Park and Playground, our little free library provides residents and visitors of all ages with a fun source of books, videos, and more to enjoy while at the lake. Just grab a book that interests you and enjoy it on our beautiful lookout point deck, located nearby.

Prairie's Edge Little Free Library, a white painted, wooden piece with books shelved inside, and greenery in the background, one of many amenities at Prairie's edge.
Prairie’s Edge Park and Playground’s Little Free Library.

Community Fire Pit

Developed in fall 2021, our new community fire pit offers lot owners the opportunity to enjoy each other in a communal location. With a beautifully designed fire pit and a number of chairs, the community fire pit is the perfect amenity to connect with others.

Prairie's Edge community fire pit, a metal pit with the Prairie's Edge logo and tree themed decorations carved into it's side, one of the amenities located at Prairie's Edge.
The Prairie’s Edge Community Fite Pit