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Bethany Pioneer Village

The community of Middle Lake is privileged to have Bethany Pioneer Village, a renowned retirement home, nestled beside Lucien Lake Regional Park for the past 60 years. Bethany Pioneer Village is comprised of three different offerings- independent living in the units, assisted living in Birch Manor, and special care in Aspen Manor- all of which is on the same 124 acres of scenic, lakeside land.

Bethany Pioneer Village was founded in 1956 when Marcus and Elizabeth Struck purchased the land for the complex. With a distinct vision in mind, Pastor Karl Krahenbil, Art Hoeflicher, Pastor Rosenau, and Marvin Naber hoped that they could provide a safe and loving home for the elderly who could not live in their homes any longer. Their inspiration, faith and courage allowed their dream to prosper. On April 25, 1956, this dream became a reality, and Bethany Pioneer Village became incorporated.

Life for the residents in Bethany Pioneer Village is full of cheerful, caring employees. Collette Meszaros, Aspen’s Director of Care describes them as, “truly phenomenal.” Jane Pedersen, an employee at Birch Manor, expresses her experience as, “a fantastic way to interact with the residents and staff,” and is “grateful for the opportunity because of the close proximity to her home.”

Bethany Pioneer Village has a unique characteristic: a peaceful, and glorious connection to nature. Because of the prairie location, traffic is not heard and deer, elk, rabbits and moose can be part-time residents. In addition to this, Bethany holds countless activities and events to keep the residents involved and interested. Every year, Bethany has their annual Bethany Day, entertainment is held, speakers are brought in, Christmas parties are held, and plays are performed.

Prairie’s Edge Land Development is honoured to provide volunteers to Bethany Pioneer Village. Summer students have actively been involved in painting nails, cleaning, painting, reading and socializing with residents.

Today, 60 years later, Bethany Pioneer Village can provide a home to countless people with its 99 rooms, suites, and units. Through their spirituality, caring staff, and unique location, Bethany Pioneer Village may just be your lakeside retirement destiny!
For more information on Bethany Pioneer village, please visit their website.