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Getting To Know Your Local Businesses

Say Hello to Kirsch Construction and Kirsplash!

Kirsch Construction (2008) Ltd. is a local business located on the edge of Middle Lake on Highway 20 that offer services in aggregate production, aggregate supply, aggregate hauling, excavation, and site preparation.

The company opened in 1953 primarily doing screening and hauling work for rural municipalities. It was then incorporated in 1961 under the name Kirsch Construction Limited and also received its first paving contract that same year. The company grew and employed around 115 people during the summer and 50 during the winter throughout the 1970’s. In 2002 the company sold its paving spread and in 2003 sold its base equipment due to competitive contracts and an increase in operative costs.

However, the Saskatchewan economy has been booming which has positively affected Kirsch Construction. The company incorporated for a third time in 2008 and became Kirsch Construction (2008) Ltd. Today, approximately 25 people hold positions within the company that specializes in aggregate production, hauling, supply, excavation, deep patching, and site preparation.

Kirsch Construction has worked with Prairies Edge on our access road, inland Marina and has improved our landscape by transplanting numerous trees around our development. It’s been great working with Kirsch Construction.

In August 2014, Kirsch Construction branched out and opened Kirsplash, a truck and car wash. The facility has a semi bay as well as a car bay and both include a vacuum, car mat holders, and quality soap products. There is also a change machine located in the car bay.

With its great location, situated right in Middle Lake, Kirsplash has become a convenience to the residents of the town, as well as the Prairies Edge community.

Attached to Kirsplash is one of the great hospitality services offered in Middle Lake. There are two suites available for rent. The downstairs suite has two queen beds, a double hide-a-bed, a full bathroom, a mini fridge, a microwave, Netflix and air conditioning. The second option is an upstairs two bedroom suite with a full kitchen, living room, satellite T.V., two bathrooms, and air conditioning.

For more information or to contact Kirsch Construction, please visit