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Lake Mystery Solved! Why Lucien Lake?

Mysteries Surrounding Lucien Lake Uncovered

It’s been called many things, “A Hidden Gem”, “A Beautiful Little Place”, “Paradise on the Prairies” and most commonly Lucien Lake.

Lucien Lake Fresh Water Spring Fed

We are often Asked;

  • “Why is the Village of Middle Lake on the East shore of Lucien Lake?”

  • “What 3 Lakes are referred to in the naming of The RM of Three Lakes No. 400 and Three Lakes School?”

  • “What combination makes this perfect fresh water lake so very special and unique?

We are going to answer all of the above, and share some great upcoming events

Lucien Lake Sunset Saskatchewan Beauty

Why is the Village of Middle Lake on Lucien Lake?

Middle Lake Lucien Lake Village
Village of Middle Lake Moving from Original Location on Middle Lake to Present Location on Lucien Lake

The Village was Moved- Yes Moved by teams of horses!

The original Village of Middle Lake was located East of the present location, on the actual lake called Middle Lake, and consisted of a store built by Steve Molaar Sr. in 1912 and two implement shops built by Mr. Maloni and Mr. Frank Hackle respectively.

With the coming of the railroad, the Middle Lake people decided to have a town between Pilger and St. Benedict along the C.P.R. line.

Middle Lake was moved in April of 1930 with two tractors and 16 horses.  The present Middle Lake Townsite, located on the East shore of Lucien Lake, was established in the early 1930’s and included Koehler’s  general store and post office, a pool room and barber shop, a café and simply grew from there.

What 3 Lakes make up the RM of Three Lakes No. 400?

The R.M. of Three Lakes No. 400 received its name from the three lakes, Basin Lake, Lenore Lake and the Middle Lake Three Lakesother being the middle was aptly called Middle Lake.

Lucien Lake is a glacial till lake– it is fed by a combinations of fresh water springs and natural run off from the South and there is a natural lake outlet on the North East side that helps control lake levels, prevent flooding and keep water levels relatively consistent.

What makes Lucien Lake so Special?

Lucien Lake is a Spring Fed Fresh Water Lake with Excellent Sport Fishing: Walleye, Northern & Perch.

The lake is home to fantastic boating, fishing, water sports and swimming.

Lucien Lake now features a New Inland Marina & Boat Launch. Opened in  July 2014 Water’s Edge Marina offers Private Marina Slips, Maintenance Free Watercraft docking; Safe, Sheltered dock systems; Abundant Parking for Vehicles & Trailers and Extended Lake Season enjoyment

Water Fresh Lake Spring Fed Swim Fish Boat Wake Board Water Ski Fun Family Relax
Beautiful Lucien Lake-Spring Fed Fresh Water Lake-Swim-Fish-Sports

Excellent Sport Fishing on Lucien Lake

walleye fishing lucien Saskatchewan lake pickrel
Great Sport Fishing Lucien Lake Walleye

Walleye populations rated as Excellent: Abundant walleye population with good angling success reported. Walleye fry are stocked every second year.

Check out the Government of Saskatchewan Fish Facts 2015

But don’t just take our word for it, come on out in any season and experience it for yourself.

Inland Marina Boat Launch Water's Edge
Water’s Edge Inland Marina & Boat Launch

As a valued property you can enjoy access to our private Water’s Edge Inland Marina and boat launch.
This beautiful feature is available exclusively to our property owners, providing convenient, easy lake access all season long in a safe and sheltered inland harbor. No more hassle of loading and unloading boats, installing docks, or worrying about storage options, simply pull up, load your gear and enjoy a day on the lake! Owners can leave their watercraft in the lake all season long while fully enjoying their lake properties.
Prairie’s Edge Development Corporation strives to balance conservation, recreation and growth.  The marina ensures lake access for RV and lakeside property alike.  Benefits also include extending spring and fall use of Lucien Lake for water enthusiasts and protection of the environment and shoreline by providing a dedicated space for boats.


Lucien Lake Ice Fishing Derby
Lucien Lake Ice Fishing Derby

Saturday March 18th 1:00-4:00 PM
Prizes- For 1st Fish Caught & Biggest Perch  50% Prize Money Payout
Registration & Check-In: Before 12:00 Noon at the Middle Lake Multiplex
Concession: Food & Beverages
Early Bird Registration & More Information Contact:  Don Schlitz (306) 231-4403