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Read these testimonials from some of our many satisfied clients how a home at the lake has changed their lives.

Hi Lorraine!
I’m going to send you some pics of us enjoying our first winter at Lucien! Love it!!!!! We are out every weekend & enjoy every minute!
Everything is so organized & beautifully developed… such pride you have taken in your endeavor & I am still stunned at that perfect marina!
Hope you are having a great day!

Jodi & Trevor- Lot #47 Water’s Edge at Lucien

We owned lake property at another location for 8 years and truly enjoyed our time there. We then thought it was time to venture into new travels, however shortly after going this avenue it didn’t take us long to realize that we were very drawn to being at the lake, it really is an amazing get away from the busyness of city life. Lake life is our 2nd home and a place our daughter has only known, she has experienced the same pleasures as we have. Being raised in the prairies prior to moving to the city world and experiencing the lake life we wanted to revert back to our roots. Looking at Prairie’s Edge properties at Lucien Lake impressed us. The new development and layout was attractive including having a marina, children’s play area and other highlights. Purchasing a lot at Lucien Lake was exciting to us because we really have the best of both worlds, pleasure in developing and pleasure in doing activities such as fishing, boating and spending quality time as a family. Thanks Lorraine and your team for your continuous efforts in creating a place we as a lake community can all enjoy!

Wayne & Theresa Paydli- Lot #3 Water’s Edge at Lucien

We are so excited about the opportunity that Prairie’s Edge at Lucien Lake has provided for our family. The serene lake, nearby regional park, and established playground were features that attracted us to the community. The biggest draw, however, was the availability of lakeside acreages so close to Saskatoon. We can’t wait to build our lake home and provide our kids with the chance to experience four season fun at the lake.

Meghan & Josh Gervais- Lot #4 Water’s Edge at Lucien

The time we did have (at the lake) was great…good weather and lots of fun kayaking on the lake listening to the loons and swimming. The lake observation deck is our favorite spot for sure…the trees surrounding it and its great view of the lake is beautiful! The kids love that the playground is so close and our friends with kids and our kids spent quite a bit of time over there, too.

Bruce & Bobbi- Lot #31 Water’s Edge at Lucien

I finish my shift at the Royal University Hospital Emergency Room and I am tired, but look forward to the short drive to my paradise at Lucien Lake.For me my cottage is a year round sanctuary. In the winter its ice fishing, or warming -up around the fire-pit under the star filled skies.The beauty of the prairies in my backyard with its untamed wilderness, and the living lake in my front yard is what makes the summer heaven.Sitting at the end of my dock with my two dogs, there is always something to watch, a neighbor working on his boat, a duck floating, a fisherman catching walleye or children swimming.Boating with my family or cooling ourselves off by swimming on those hot summer days are moments that are blissful.Picking Saskatoon berries, on a cloudy day, making jam and playing cards on a rainy night, with my two girls, are lasting memories being built.Afternoons with my husband riding our A.T.V. ‘s, enjoying the beauty that materializes in front of us, this has a lasting effect on me.After sun-rise, having my coffee, swinging in my chair near the lake, reading my book, the birds always give me the impression, and sensation they are singing for me, is my favorite time.

Sylvie- Lot #49 Water’s Edge at Lucien

I was out at the lake on Saturday mowing and packing up some stuff for winter, it was so nice there it was hard to leave. We have really enjoyed being there for the summer and certainly plan to make it out a couple more times this fall if the weather is good. Also hoping to get out and do some ice fishing too. (but not too soon!!) . Thanks again for everything.

Ralph & Pauline- Lot #35 Water’s Edge at Lucien

Lorraine … Purchasing the lot at Lucien has been great for our family. Rita and I where very surprised at how the kids took to the idea of having our own place and helping in developing the lot. Brelynn came out to help plant the trees. And Brandon and Jordan helped in building and setting up the lot for us to start enjoying.

For the first time Rita and I spent 3 weeks in a row with the kids at the lake it was the best summer ever and looking forward to next summer. We have starting planning what to build next spring including building a beach volleyball for the kids and friends. The lake is quiet and very pleasant, the boys had a blast fishing all summer. Even the adults got into fishing for walleye this summer. Enjoying some fresh fish fry’s.

We have great neighbors and look forward to sitting by the fire and watching the stars.

Preston & Rita- Lot #36 Water’s Edge at Lucien

After years of looking for an affordable lakefront property with close proximity to Saskatoon we finally stumbled upon, what our family considers, a hidden gem. Lucien Lake has what we are looking for. Both my wife and I are excited to share the lake with our new son who will soon be able to play on the brand new play structures provided by Prairies Edge Development. We also look forward to creating wonderful memories with our son going fishing, sea-dooing, playing mini-golf or just going for a leisurely walk on the nature trails followed by supper at the Regional Park’s concession. With very reasonable pricing, large lots and a great location, if you are looking for a lakefront property then you should definitely consider Lucien Lake.

David & Jill- Lot #8 Water’s Edge at Lucien

We have been spending our leisure time at Lucien Lake for over a year and, even now, we are constantly reassured that the decision to build our vacation home on Lucien Lakeshore Drive was the absolute right one for our family. The close proximity to Middle Lake and its services is priceless – gas, groceries, hotel/restaurant and more. Everyone we have dealt with in Middle Lake and the surrounding area, from Tim at the R.M. office to Bill at the gas station, has been a pleasure to meet and talk with. And there is a true sense of community with each and every one of our new neighbours at Water’s Edge.

Prairie’s Edge has shown an ongoing commitment to the development. Even after the road and utilities were finished, they worked hard to build a beautiful playground, garden and viewing deck for everyone to be able to enjoy Lucien Lake just that much more. There’s even a porta-potty to prove that yes, they have thought of everything. They keep the grass mowed, the flags flying and the lots (sold or not) presentable. There is no question as to this developer’s intention and vision for this project.

If you are the type of person who is looking for a place to let your kids spend those lazy hot summer days catching frogs, climbing on the playground, playing at the beach and swimming in the lake, the type of person who is looking for a place to enjoy the ultimate high definition sunset and star-filled night skies around the firepit with good friends, who is looking to find the perfect backdrop to build your dream cottage then I would like to welcome you as not only one of my new neighbours, but as a new friend.

Rob & Andrea- Lot #21 Water’s Edge at Lucien