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Prairie Skies Trails Association


Prairie Skies Trails offer expansive trails and parks serve hikers, bikers, cross country skiers, horseback riders, and those simply wishing to reconnect with nature! Over 50,000 trees have been planted to date in and around this resort destination. Our team of dedicated summer students maintain and enhance the beautiful grounds throughout the subdivision and surrounding lake area as well as miles of these beautiful trail systems.

Prairie Sky Trails Association

Interpretative Walking Trails Project


Prairie Sky’s Trail Association is involved in the creation of over 2,000 meters of trails and the enhancement of public parks and green spaces in the Rural Municipality of Three Lakes adjacent Lucien Lake. Their project focus provides a unique recreational and educational opportunity for persons of all ages and abilities. A self-guided nature trail (2.0 kms) situated between newly established rows of prairie shrubs and trees will guide visitors over rolling hills, past wetland areas and adjacent beautiful Lucien Lake. The Trail is multi-use and, depending on the section, may allow walkers, runners, hikers, bicyclists, horseback riders, snowshoers and cross country skiers year round access.
Located adjacent to Lucien Lake in municipal reserve green space, Prairie’s Edge Park provides a safe, healthy environment for children and families to enjoy nature and the outdoors free of charge. Parks and green spaces provide tremendous lifestyle benefits. This park also holds incredible benefit for the environment by filtering pollutants and dust from the air, providing shade and lowering temperatures, and reducing erosion of soils and contamination of local waterways. The park will increase oxygen, decrease pollution, improve air quality and attract wildlife to this region. Additions to Prairie’s Edge Park include the planting of fruit bearing shrubs such as Saskatoon Berries, Prairie Cherries and Haskap, as well as enhancing playground equipment and picnic facilities that will be enjoyed by local residents and tourists alike for many years to come. Our newest addition is “The Little Free Library” Project that will provide residents and visitors of all ages with a fun source of books, videos and more to enjoy while at the lake.


Free Little Library 2

Free Little Library 1